Quotations from Published Works

Walking home from school in the evenings I would travel the woods, traverse nearby fields, hop across small brooks, finally breaking through a thicket to arrive at our backyard. Looking up from the end of the long, sloping lawn, I saw our house glowing, luminescent against the purple sky. Smelling the wood fire burning, I knew I was home. From Finding Home, Published 2013


October 25, 2013


(As published in Connections magazine, September 2013) Childhood obesity has become a national epidemic; it’s also a problem that is…

February 13, 2013

School Security After Newtown: Everything is on the Table

As published on the front page of the Pike County Dispatch January 31, 2013 On April 20, 1999, Eric Harris…

February 3, 2013

Lessons from Treece and Picher

As Published in the Pike County Dispatch After passing through tiny Pawhuska, Oklahoma and stopping for lunch at Murphy’s Steakhouse…

January 8, 2013

Feature Article: Hunger Happens Every Day

This article ran in the December 20, 2012 issue of The Pike County Dispatch On a gray, bone-chilling November afternoon,…

January 3, 2013

Never Again. Again

(This was written just after the Newtown, Connecticut shooting, and ran in The Pike County Dispatch and Fiftyisthenewfifty.com)   Sometimes…

December 7, 2012

World War II Veterans

December 7, 2012 Two Word War II veterans  from Milford, Pennsylvania commemorate Pearl Harbor Day.  Pictured are Navy Corpsman Clifford…

Quotations from Published Works

How can we honor them, love them, remember them and even learn from them, while still respecting them? Can we tread so softly that we embrace them lovingly with one arm, while finally beginning to thwart evil with the other? When is the right time for a meaningful discussion about the killing of children? Never Again, Again. Published, December 2012 after the Newtown, Connecticut School Shooting
Underscoring the desperate need for protein in food-deficit families, she exclaims, "I have meat to feed my family today." As the smells of simmering stew hang in her small, low-ceilinged kitchen, Arredondo, a cancer survivor who continues to battle the disease, chokes back emotion while wiping tears from her face, "Without food pantry I could not feed my family." Hunger Happens Every Day. Published, December 2012.
Governor Corbett's paddle was met with protesters who are opposed to his 'pro-hydrolic fracking' stance. With a "Don't Drill the Delaware" theme to their protest, Maya van Rossum's group Delaware River Keeper were in attendance to ensure their voice was heard. Pennsylvania Governor Tom Corbett Kayaks the Upper Delaware, Published, August 2012


Who am I

So, Who Am I?

Good Question

As a child of both California and Connecticut, college in Ohio and life and work in Manhattan, I grew up living many different lives. Out of those lives have come incredible relationships that have continued to last throughout the decades, and I am shaped by them.

A Little More? Sure, why not.

I am a lover of Steinbeck and Hemingway.

A true New Yorker, now lost in the country. And while I do live on a 33 acre farm, I still run into the city whenever the opportunity is presented.

Addicted to the Upper West Side, The Rose Reading Room and all of the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Coffee at Joe, Noodles at Toto Ramen, a glass of wine at Bin 71 and dinner at Keen's.

The Knicks, Giants, Rangers and Yankees.

And of course, The New York Times.


What I Do

If polled my clients would say they not only want to increase their online exposure through imaging, copy writing and their web presence, but they want to dominate their space.

Using imaging, words and web design synergistically to create revenue opportunities.

That's what I deliver.

My Process

This is not a simple process. It is complex and detailed. None of the ingredients are created quickly. They are developed systematically by interfacing with the client to form a basis for the desired outcome.

This process begins with a consultation where end results are created and quantified.

Why Hire Me?


When I am hired I consider it a personal compliment and I strive to exceed all expectations.

That means being on time to meetings, answering questions and email promptly and embracing a high-level of respect for both the project and the client.


What People Are Saying

I asked Preston to do some important writing for a client. He knocked it out of the park. We could not have been more pleased. John "Duke" Schneider, Esq.
Preston wrote hard news stories that went below the superficial to get to the underlying issues. Chris Jones, Editor, The Pike County Dispatch
The website Preston developed for us has brought in tens of thousands of dollars in business. Karin Willis, Co-Owner, RAR, Milford, Pennsylvania